Information Systems Project Manager

Jacquelyne Mayo

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June 1, 2013

MIS - Project Mgmt

Keller Graduate School of Management

May 10, 2010


North Carolina Central University

December 10, 1996

Bachelors in Accounting

North Carolina Central University


  • Data Analysis
  • System Implementation
  • Data Consolidation
  • MS Excel
  • VBA Macros
  • VBA Form Creation
  • Web Design
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Webflow
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • WordPress
  • MS Access
  • Form Creation
  • MS Power BI
  • Project Management
  • MS Project
  • Project Scheduling
  • Financial Analysis
  • Derivative Pricing and Analysis
  • Backoffice Operations Analyst
  • Budget Preparation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Internal Audit


Internal Auditor

Assisted with the preparation of audit schedules and confirmation letters. Performed control walkthroughs and tested operational effectiveness. Ensured that purchase requisitions are properly coded, correct and tracked.  Tested reasonableness of accruals by analyzing historical trends. Worked with Pivot tables in Excel to extract data to ensure that it was compliant with regulations.

Supply Chain Business Analyst

System specification testing of SAP – Business Objects software development. Maintenance of Materials and Resources Database for Supply Managers.  Performed database contact updates for direct and indirect material suppliers. Initialized detailed mapping of suppliers for system integration project. Updated monthly spend and savings reports in Sharepoint for companywide business segments. Modified visual basic macros for more efficient normalization of Master Data. User administrator for suppliers and supply change managers. Queried supply chain databases of both companies in order to merge data for company acquisition. Coded scripts in VBA Excel in order to scrub data.


End User Administrator

Involved in troubleshooting import errors. Performed end user testing for performance reporting. Executed and edited macros for routine tasks. Utilized SQL Server 2008 to perform database cleanup. Worked heavily with transfer of transactions and balances in Wachovia / Wells Fargo conversion. Imported data from comma delimited files into Microsoft Excel.Used pivot tables and vlookups to perform account reconciliation

Business Analyst

Documented defects in software integration objects using Quality Assurance software. Created test plans and test scripts according to documented technical requirements. Participated in manual testing for tests until formal tests were provided by IT department. Provided assurance as to the validity of general ledger balances. Worked with foreign currency transactions to ensure that balances were properly translated from Oracle and Insight into SAP general ledger. Exported data from legacy system into Excel in order to validate data input into new system. Acted as liaison with cross divisional business and technology representatives to verify test requirements. Lead team members in script testing and script writing based on their responsibilities in the testing process. Created tables and queries in Microsoft Access to store and extract historical data. Created outline of instruction to be used in creating software compliance testing. Reviewed current requirement data to ensure that employees in both the IT and Accounting departments would be satisfied with the output of their existing project. Participated in meetings to determine if the current documentation specified the requirements necessary for successful implementation of the proposed software. Verified that software components were complete, correct, and consistent with respect to the software requirements for that component. Validated that the integrated components satisfied the needs for their intended purpose. Performed operational testing to ensure that mathematical functions of input data produced the correct output. Utilized SQL to test data integrity of the system integration project.

Operations Analyst

Worked within the IT Department performing pricing and analysis of debt securities for client portfolios.  Priced securities internally using pricing feeds such as Reuters, Bloomberg, IDC, and Bear Stearns Pricing Direct. Utilized SQL and JavaScript to query various applications in order to provide pricing data in a trade support role.  Queried broker indications for private placement securities and derivative instruments. Worked with specialist to develop software to be used in tracking failed trades for the Operations department. Within Operations department, prepared failed trade reporting process that was approved to SEC standards. Used SQL statements to query SQL Server for specific information about various securities.

Internal Auditor

Closed out hotel books each night.  Managed hotel and cared for guests during evening hours.  Reconciled cash and credit card receipts.   Managed hotel staff.

Payroll Accountant

Input hours from time sheet submissions.  Kept track of wage garnishments and multi-state withholdings.  Participated in periodic close for monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting.